Proclaiming the faith to young people and empowering them to be the saints of their

Holy Name of Jesus Day Camp is dedicated to providing staff, campers and their parents,
a welcoming, faith filled, safe, fun and vibrant summer experience. We believe that
by empowering young people and helping them build confidence to lead, they can contribute to developing a sustainable future. In doing so, they will be strengthened as individuals.Their connection with Christ and the parish community will grow and be enriched.

Goals & Objectives:
1) To provide a safe physical and emotional environment for campers and staff
1.1 To provide getting to know you activities
1.2 To offer an opportunity for campers to become familiar with the camp grounds
1.3 To ensure playing areas are safe
2) To ensure the camp has a catholic identity.
2.1 To offer daily mass and prayer
2.2 To offer faith based themed activities
3) To offer opportunities for campers and staff to develop their leadership skills.
3.1 To offer the opportunity for animators to plan, implement and evaluate activities
3.2 To include cooperative games in the daily schedule